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The Hanged Man
Of Blood Is Full
Release date 6th September 2017

Rebecka Rolfart, formerly guitarist in Those Dancing Days and bass player in Vulkano, is back with her band The Hanged Man. After two previous EP releases "First Quarter Moon” from 2014 and "Lord Have Mercy" from 2016 (Kning Disk / Telegram), the time has come to share the full length debut album "Of Blood Is Full" on September 6th to the nordic countries through Dubious Records.

"Of Blood Is Full" was recorded during the summer of 2016 at Palazzo Stabile, an old winery in the small, beautiful village of Castelletto Molina in northern Italy. It was then finalized at Studio Dubious in Stockholm, Sweden.

The main inspiration for the debut album comes from Rebecka Rolfart feeling just like her chest had been overgrown, with something hidden inside her heart.
The nine songs on the album form a collection of memories, dreams and fears – all a perfect blend of darkness, cinematic psychedelia and pop.

Rolfart has written the complete album and together with her band members arranged the songs to the final creations. 


Album credits
The Hanged Man:
Rebecka Rolfart – Guitar, vocals
Dennis Egberth – Drums, percussion
Anna Myrsten – Synthesizers, vocals
Elias Jungqvist – Synthesizers
Mattias Gustavsson – Bass


Produced & engineered by Max-Måns Wikman

Ouaga Girls (Official Soundtrack)


Release date 25 August 2017

The Official soundtrack from the movie Ouaga Girls.


Original Score:

Christoffer Roth

Seydou Richard Traore

Jenny Wilson

Darya & Månskensorkestern
Uusi Atlantis – Det Nya Atlantis

Recorded, mixed & mastered in Studio Dubious 2016-2017.
Released by Dubious Records 12th May 2017
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Album credits
Darya & Månskensorkestern:

Darya Pakarinen – Vocals
Amanda Fritzén – Accordion, keys, flute & vocals
Viktor Littmark – Violin, vocals
Daniel Rossetti – Guitar, piano, vocals
Viktor Brobacke – Trombone, harmonica, vocals
Oscar Nygren – Double-bass, guitar
John Hugardt – Drums, percussion, vocals

Sara Munters – Viola
Tora Carron – Violin
Anna Holm – Cello
Pelle Halvarsson – Cello
Elise Eide – Cello


Produced & engineered by Max-Måns Wikman


Graphic Design: Mattias Broberg
Photo: Per Kristiansen
Illustration: Jeff Olsson

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Swap Babies 
Furnished Man

Recorded, mixed & mastered in Studio Dubious 2015-2016.
Released on Dubious Records April 19th 2017.
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From drone to free jazz and baroque: the members of the Stockholm three piece Swap Babies have widely diversified approaches to music. But when together, the combination results as a heavy and rhythmic shoegaze. Their 2017 12” record, Furnished Man, delivers a torrent of poignant riffs, modulating guitar feedback and enveloping vocals. 

American musician and composer Kali Malone fronts Swap Babies. Known for her intricate guitar tunings and minimalist electronic music (presented by the likes of Berlin Atonal, Norberg Festival, Ascetic House and Total Black), she contributes the embracing wall of guitar harmonies and intimate vocals arrangements. On drums there’s Konrad Agnas, one of Sweden’s most promising young drummers moving between free jazz and pop music. Bassist Adam Grauman stands with one foot in punk and the other in baroque music, currently devoted to the viola de gamba, he’s also been featured in Malone’s contemporary classical compositions.

Cover photo by Johanna T Berhan. Screen printed by Jordana Loeb. Layout by Theodor Kentros. Back cover art by Kali Malone and A.M. Rehm. 
Hand made screen printed covers.

Album credits
Swap Babies:
Kali Malone – Guitar, vocals
Adam Grauman – Bass
Konrad Agnas – Drums


Produced & engineered by Max-Måns Wikman


Art by: K.M & A.M.R.
Photo: Johanna Berhan
Layout: Theodor Kentros
Album covers printed by: Jordana Loeb 

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